Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Madonna's Adoption Joy

After lots of painstaking criticisms, Madonna's adoption of two-year-old David Banda was finally approved by a Malawi judge. Malawi is a landlocked nation located in southeast Africa. The singer compared her experience of adoption to the pain of childbirth. I could imagine the bureaucratic process she had gone through! I, one day, if Godwillingly would like to adopt a child as well. But right now, just cannot do it for very practical reasons. It is expensive and very time-consuming.

Madonna has a good heart( and very good money) of taking care of David and is spearheading a campaign by her Raising Malawi charity to get help for the 900,000 orphans in the country, many of them HIV-positive. AIDS has destroyed many families in Malawi, which has a population of 13 million.

David's mother died when he was a month old. His father couldn't care for him alone and placed him in an orphanage. He did not object to Madonna adopting David. In fact, he is very, very pleased!

Right now, the star has been caring for the boy at home in London with film maker husband Guy Ritchie. Madonna and Ritchie already have a son and a daughter. They will raise David with their other children in Britain and in the US.

Madonna made a documentary I Am Because We Are which focuses on Malawian AIDS orphans.


lareine said...

re: your reasons for not adopting a kid yet--- yep, you're right, it's not easy nowadays to raise a child ... of course nothing can replace the joy of motherhood but we also have to think of practical matters --- can we provide for them not only emotionally but also financially? (with the endless oil price hike, this is an important consideration)

by the way, i have a tag for you (friendship tag: a bit about myself)... just do it when you have the time (or the desire to do it --- i understand if you want to keep some things private)... have a nice day!

Lou said...

I love M. I missed her concert here in Boston last year, can't wait for her next one.


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evitaineurope said...

More power to Madonna. I'm not a big fan, but good deeds like this deserve a thumbs up, worth being emulated by others. Worth being praised as well.

Ely said...

I don't think that the news about David's father being very very pleased is true, I just saw him interviewed on TV last week talking about his plans of claiming his "rights" over his son...