Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rice and Life

I am out of the country and the other day i talked to my sister on the phone. My sister is 3 months pregnant. She told me, "how i wish i am not pregnant right now, the rice is 50 pesos per kilo already and it might reach 60 pesos per kilo this year". I answered to her, "you better be pregnant now than when the kilo of rice will be 100 pesos or more!".

The fact is : when is the right time to get pregnant? The right time is when you are there and when you think you can support a life. As for me, there is no right time to get pregnant.

The businessmen are so tricky brilliant. They had been hoarding and hoarding how many cavans of rice? They want to sell it for higher price. Of course, they want profit. What about the NFA (National Food Authority) Rice? I just think they are the lowest, lowest quality of rice. It is just a manifestation how infected our government is! Okay the price of NFA rice is 25 pesos per kilo and you should queue as early as 6 o'clock in the morning to be able to avail. I mean, what a deplorable state of our country. Do you think the price of rice will become less? Do you think the quality of NFA rice will be atleast closer to Jasmine rice? Or Basmati rice? or any other kind of rice? I always believe that price and quality goes hand in hand. What is free in this world?

As for the unborn child in the womb of my sister and for the other unborn children, what future await for them? The very sure thing is : they will eat rice. It doesn't matter if they will eat it with a sprinkle of salt or a little bit of oil, or a little soya sauce. Rice is always a staple food no matter what is the partner. And the price of rice? Always high. And life? It is priceless! Probably, we need to parctice eating maize now! Or just like what my neighbors are eating right now, rice porridge(" lugaw"), with lots and lots of water!


Even Angels Fall said...

This cannot be good news for us who really really want to get pregnant. We could look at it another way, all the girls that will be born will make very good supermodels.

evitaineurope said...

There is no right time when to get pregnant. But certainly you have to have the right attitude to it (healthy diet, healthy thinking and healthy exercise). As soon as the baby comes out, you instinctly assume the responsibilty of nurturing that little life in your hand.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing.

Can I add your blog in my blog?

Lynn said...

You are absolutely right, cuz! Mahal na kaayo ang bugas. Mag mais na lang mi ani. Waaaa!

Ely said...

Actually, it looks like maize is no longer the substitute for rice in the Philippines,. Pansit Canton at instant noodles na... :P

Lou said...

I like lugaw but just enough water...not a lot, heheh.


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cathara said...

yeh..its irritating, rice, meralco, everythings goin up! i dont know how, were buying rice for bout 36/kl in manila but when i arrived here in davao last fri, its like 49/kl. wow. i cant believe that its goin up even in provinces. i sigh.

youre already in my whos hot list;-) its my honor..