Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emotional Investment

A guy borrowed money from my lawyer friend and my friend doesn't mind. One day, my friend started a cattle farm business on a certain village. The guy who borrowed money from him became the village chieftain on the village where he put his cattle farm. In other words, the local village police are protecting his cattle farm from bandits. The chieftain told them so. This is his one way of paying his debt. Can you imagine how rich people pay for security? But for my lawyer friend,not a lot because the chieftain is paying his debt which would mean protecting his business forever.
My sister went to Manila the last time and she met her classmate before. Her classmate treated her and even told her to stay with her even for how many days when she'll be going again in Manila. What a nice gesture of friendship! The reason is this friend of hers had borrowed money from her during their university years. I forgot to ask my sister if her classmate paid her, but anyway i don't care if she pay or didn't. The main thing is her classmate has this debt of gratitude for her which could never be repaid forever.
In this life, we cannot just take and take. We also need to give without expecting something in return. Some people are very nice to you because they know they can sell something to you or that they will know they can benefit from you. There are many people like these. Beware of these people. If they'll borrow from you,okay let them borrow once,and if they'll not pay,don't let them borrow anymore. Am i that wicked? What i mean is some people are very opportunistic. But some nice people are not. To give something to some people whom you know could never repay you is a very good feeling. Share something to the needy. Volunteer. These are emotional investments. It may not appear in your bank account how much you invested but the right time will come when you can benefit more than you had invested in different aspects of life---maybe not through material things but in another way---probably good health? This is more than wealth. The main thing is: Give the best to the world, and the world will give back the best in you."

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