Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lord,Bless This House

Lord, bless this house and bless us all
In care and pleasure, great or small;
Blest be the door friends enter by,
And windows that let in the sky,
And roof above and walls about
That shut the world and weather out!
Lord,make my house a mansion of
Abiding loveliness and love,
A friendly, comfortable place.
Let pleasant talk like firelight grace
These rooms, and may friends linger long
To join in laughter or a song.
Blest be these rooms for work or play!
Oh,let my house be sometimes gay
And sometimes still as candlelight.
Be with us, Lord, both day and night;
Blest be our labor and our rest;
Our waking and our sleep be blest.
In care and pleasure,great or small,
Lord,bless this house and bless us all!
-James Dillet Freeman-

I am so lucky owning a nice house. I mean,not too many people can have something like this. I am loving that poem by Freeman. I love my house, this house. I'll let you take a look next time!

1 comment:

levian said...

wow this is indeed a very lovely house !! how long has it been that you have it ??