Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 Commandments for the Elderly---Part I

Aging is inevitable but aging gracefully is an option. I am contemplating on the write-up i encountered in Health and Home magazine and i wanna elaborate about it because this issue interests me. The fact is: ageing is a fact of life---a stage we all lead to. Here are some commandments on how to age gracefully...

1. Thou shalt preserve the body in the best possible condition---a brisk 30-minute walk everyday is a wonderful tonic. Oh well, i always do this before, i mean before this blogging I better think over my time schedule and so i can briskwalk again!

2. Thou shalt continue to increase thy knowledge, to anticipate retaining thy memory and to realize that temporary misplacement of stored facts occur at any age. This is very true...i believe i am still young but i am forgetful already! Gotta exercise my mind,too and be attentive to detail! This i hope i can do by reading a lot and probably surfing online a lot?lol.

3. Thou shalt regularly eat nutritious meals of natural, unprocessed foods --- eating slightly smaller portions and selecting foods with more care. Aim for a low-fat, low-salt, high-fiber, and chemical-alcohol-and-caffeine-free diet. This i cannot gurantee to eat small portions because if i like a certain food i will devour a large portion of it! Uhmm,i am thinking how to change this bad habit of mine! Probably not!

4. Thou shalt remember that characteristics developed during early years are simply magnified with age. Therefore, become now the kind of person thou art desirous of being. Meaning desiring to live a positive attitude because negativity really has bad
impact on our character. I will also strive on this one because sometimes i am negative also and i got angry so easily!lol.

5. Thou shalt preserve a good self-image and a healthy level of self-esteem, realizing that there is no substitute for the wisdom of experience. Sharing the gift of accumulated knowledge is a priceless legacy to succeeding generations. On other words,knowledge is power and education is a never-ending process. Knowledge is wealth that cannot be taken away but when shared it become multiplied and more than the double your money on the bank!

Here we go,my friends---the Part I of the Ten Commandments for the Elderly.
I will share the remaining five the next time. For the meantime, i am still pondering on the other five.


Aleckii said...

Thanks for this useful post! I'm going to refer this to my parents.

Actually, it applies to middle age people like me too... I maybe 23, but I'm not living a very healthy lifestyle, I have to admit, haha! Feeling so guilty now...

rskirk55 said...

Middle aged at 23? HA! What does that make me at 56? Decrepit?