Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Home and my Blogging

I am happy to share to you some photos of my home. It is situated in the Philippines and it took us 5 years of painstaking work before we can have this one. You know saving a lot and everything. My home has 5 bedrooms. It is two-storey. There is one big family room upstairs where we spend most of our time playing in the kiddie's area or spending time in front of the computer. Each room has its own toilet and bath. It has big kitchen and one spacious dirty kitchen outside. There's one little bar, comfy living room. I cannot ask for more. I'm just being contented. I am not an interior designer or whatever. I am just a simple homemaker who is doing the ordinary life's routines.
My parents live with me in my home. My siblings can come here anytime and spend time with us. Even my close friends and relatives are free to come.
Since i am new to this blogging thing, sometimes i may run out of words. I just wanna thank all of you in heartily welcoming me in the blogosphere and are very kind enough in adding me. Just in case i am not prompt enough in visiting your site,that means i am doing something in my home. Since i have no helpers, it will take a long time to do lots of household chores! So, if i'm not in the computer,i'm out and about.
Have a great day,my blogging friends!

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