Tuesday, April 8, 2008

10 Commandments for the Elderly--- Part II

Hi, friends how are you today? Had you been recharging lately? I did and i feel good! We need it and draining our energy blogging without moderation is not good for our health.
Anyway, i am back for another 5 Commandments...uhmmm,i'm evaluating if i can also follow these...

6. Thou shalt maintain a good sense of humor and develop the ability to laugh at thyself and the incongruities of life, realizing that a merry heart does good like a medicine and stimulates the immune system. Cultivate a happy face; it is an instant facelift. Had u met somebody who always laughs and when you ask his name you can't believe that his older than you expected. I met many people older than their usual ages and i know they have very good sense of humor. I wanna be like them.

7. Thou shalt reminisce. Recall the good along with the bad, because this conributes to successful adjustment in the present, realizing that optimism is the oil of old age. We have many bad experiences in life and this is part of growing. From these bad moments, we learn and we moved on. I learn a great deal about extreme poverty because i experienced it. I had been criticized,ridiculed and maligned extremely. But i don't wanna be an indifferent people because of that. Life is beautiful and i wanna stay positive. There are negative moments but we should evaluate them and eventually eradicate them.

8. Thou shalt be realistic in thy expectations and learn to accept help graciously when it is offered. Remember that many cultures have over-emphasized independence at the expense of interdependence. We are not powerful, we need the help of others. When my cousin offered to help me how to blog, i accept it. It was a nice feeling. Life is always a give and take. No man is an island.

9. Thou shalt not isolate thyself from family and friends, but regularly initiate contact with people of all ages. Socializing not only stimulates the mind but helps to keep life in perspective; love and caring are the secrets of growing old gracefully. Oh,well i am happy i am not a recluse. I think i followed this No.9 Commandment very well!hehehe.

10. Thou shalt continually give thanks for munificent blessings, realizing that a grateful heart nourishes the bones and help to prevent discouragement, illness, and depression. This is very true--being grateful and contented with what you have will make you happy. If you expect too much but you can't get that expectation, you'll feel really bad and that feeling is not good. Better to count our blessing than the the miseries!

That's it, my friends. Let's follow those not-so-simple Commandments and let's grow old gracefully. Hehehe. It's not really easy but atleast we'll gonna try!


rskirk55 said...

You are so right and your wisdom obvious as you contemplate aging gracefully. My 20 years as a nursing home administrator and my fast approaching 60th birthday both have taught me a truth; what we are in health, we become more like when we age. In other words, if you are sunny and affable in your salad days, you will be a pleasure to be around in the sunset of life. Likewise, if one is surly and irascible in youth and middle age, your friends will be few and infrequent in age. Portia, thanks for the thoughts, I would like to quote you on my blog, http://www.theperfectsense.com.

Aleckii said...

Huahahha! Great continuation. Very wise words, indeed!