Thursday, April 17, 2008

Polygamy is Okay?

I met many tribal chieftains who have five wives and many mistresses. Ask the royal family or the Sultans how many they got. hehehe! But, well, i suppose, it is accepted in their culture.

Yet, polygamy exists anywhere even in a civilized society, in a very acceptable way. For many, it is a status symbol, for some, it is a society that they preserved, behold, to be flourished till the end of time.

Take the case of this polygamous society in San Angelo,Texas near El Dorado. The polygamous sect lives peacefully, not until young girls reported to the authorities the lurid details of how they were subjected to sexual and physical abuse. These are young girls as young as 13. They were forced into "spiritual marriages" with older men. Investigators even said it was hard to determine who were the biological parents of children in a society where men had multiple wives.

More than 700 child welfare and law enforcement officials were involved in the operation, according to an affidavit filed at the courthouse in San Angelo in support of a state intervention to take custody of the children. The children were living at Yearning for Zion (YFZ) Ranch,a gated compound outside tiny El Dorado. The compound was built by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a sect that broke away from the Mormon Church after it banned polygamy in the 1930s.

The church's leader, Warren Jeffs, was convicted in Utah last year of being an accomplice to the rape of a teen forced to marry hercousin. Jeffs faces additonal charges in Arizona. Locals in El Dorado say townsfolk did not know much about the 1,700-acre compound. This compound is very private and isolated from the mainstream of society. But the late-night phone call of an abused 16 year old girl last March 29 triggered the massive raid of the compound last April 3 by law enforcement and child welfare officials, the affidavit said. It was find out that these young girls are taught to be completely subservient to their husbands and are indoctrinated with such a fear of the outside world that they rarely try to escape. So on occasions when they leave the compound, there is little concern that they will flee.

How strange, isn't it? But this is the reality. In the modern world, it is very difficult to know what is morally wrong and morally right. It is very easy determine what suppose is right and wrong, but how the people morally accepts what is morally wrong and what is morally right is what somehow matters the most.

Ask me if polygamy is okay? A BIG NO. But why is it happening? Because the society accepted it and many practiced it and most who practised it are the powerful and influential men(and even the ordinary men do!). Hence, the saying MEN ARE POLYGAMOUS IN NATURE.


sendzki said...

talagang in nature talaga ha...hehe...di naman hehe..pero..polygamy is definitely not okay!

desperate blogger said...

polygamy was preached by joseph smith , founder of the mormon faith. the church did away with polygamy when it was under the leadership of brigham young. it is true that a group broke away from the main church and this group is actually ostracized by the main group.

there is a TV mini series called BIG LOVE on tv. it is about polygamous marriage of the said sect. there are actually polygamous marriages that are "happy". there's this guy who is married to 7 sisters/cousins. he cannot be condemned as a bigamist much less a polygamist because every time he marries he makes sure he divorces the previous wife first.

LOL! ang utak ano? anyway, what's the deal with having so many wives? that is a lot of expense!

Nita said...

Huh, five wives plus mistresses? Grabe, ang sipag naman ng lalaking yan! Siguro super yaman yan no kasi biruin mo 5 wives plus mistresses...tapos mga kids pa. My goodness!

By the way, I'll add you later pag uwi namin sa US. Dito kasi kami ngayon sa Canada eh. Sige, take care!