Friday, April 11, 2008

No Pepperoni at Pizza Hut?

Okay i know you wouldn't believe me. A pizza company who specializes in pizzas got no pepperoni? Yes, and probably this only happens in the Philippines. This experience does not happen to me once but many times. It happened again...
My husband loves pepperoni. I usually prefer vegetarian one(if that would compensate a little bit of the nutrition needed?)...And so, i went to the Pizza Hut in the SM Mall of Davao and lo, no pepperoni toppings available. Great! What is that? Oh well,what can i do? Order only the normal cheese ones after some bitching. lol.

I can't imagine food chains specializing in certain foods, products and services in the Philippines would run out of something that is main component of their businesses? We ordered in McDonald's before or in Jollibee, i encountered two or three times, no french fries? Unbelievable, isn't it? And you would believe me, one time McDonalds and Jollibee even run out ot softdrinks and icecubes. Lalalalala, i know, i know,ridiculous! What can i say?

All i can say is that sometimes quality service in my country sucks. It is hurting to know but it is. I can go on and on and on with my list and enumerating many things and really, some are unbelievable. And what can i do? Yes, give suggestions, talk to the manager, but still it will happen again, i guarantee you! Oh well, what can we do? Some of these companies are monopolizing certain services and commodities and if you complain,sometimes you're just talking to the wind. Whatever, as long as i laid out my point.

And now what? Oh well, be contented with the cheese de luxe toppings i guess.



So far the worst that I've encountered is an Internet cafe with no internet connection. What an inutile place :)

simpleyesa said...

Really? WTH?! I'm actually craving for pizza now and wanted to go to the nearest Pizzahut shop. Aha! better go to greenwich, i think they pepperoni plus there. =P

Lalaine said...

yeah..i could imagine the frustration..I've experienced that a lot of times too.

AiDiSan said...

I can perfectly understand your frustration. It is annoying that you will exert an effort to go somewhere just to buy something and when you get there, all you here from the person on the counter is SORRY because the thing/food you want to buy is not available.

These companies should review & improve how they do their inventories.