Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chicken or Pork?

I had not been eating pork since 1996. I think my Seventh Day Adventist ex-boyfriend had that impact on me --- that is to eat healthy food as much as possible. Since i stopped eating pork, i don't have pimples anymore. And i thank him for that! But thank God that we hadn't end up together. Ah, there are lots of reasons...

Speaking about sausages, i am always glad that many hotels now offer so many substitutes to pork. just like this one, you can choose either a pork sausage or chicken sausage. Whatever you fancy. I fancy the chicken sausages since i stopped eating pork.

I just say goodbye to pork just like how i said goodbye to my boyfriend!


Lynn said...

Hahaha...I find this amusing. I'm not referring to the food, cuz...but ur ex. Hehehe.

Niwey, i fancy the pork more. Dunno, i'm not into chicken talaga. (",)

Johnny Workentine said...

Congrats on leaving off pork. Adventists definitely have a unique take on healthy foods:


Budget Traveller said...

natuwa ako with this post..heheh! I haven't been eating pork for many years too, health reasons din..but when I'm in the Philippines, ang hirap talaga maka iwas.

Shiela said...

Nakakaaliw naman tong post mo. I remember I had a BF as well who is adventist pero walang epek, imbis na ako ang hilahin pataas, sya ang nahila pababa. Sabi ba naman kung hindi daw dahil sa akin, hindi daw sya makakapanuod ng sine. Sinisi pa ako...hahaha.
About my pr3. wala na. zero na ulit ako ngayon. kakainis. wala na tuloy dats...hehehe.