Saturday, May 3, 2008

Delight With Dneero

I love taking surveys with Dneero. The quotations they put plus the images are so catching, witty and with good sense of humor. It is never dull. I remembered the day when my account there became one dollar, ah, i was so damn happy! Hehehehehe! I mean, okay, you get sometimes, 45 cents and that's after few days if you get impressions from the survey that you posted in your blog. But i am telling you, the thrill of seeing your 45 cents became 90 cents then became 1.20 bucks...isn't that delightful? Hehehehe. Ah, this is me... just sometimes little things fascinates me. What is 45 cents compared to 5 dollars for 50 words with payperpost? But i find great joy with Dneero. hehehehehe!
Look at the newest survey now...look at the caricature ... the image... the quotation that goes hand in hand with the survey theme --- just perfect! For my fellow, dneero fans, let's rock it up, guys! We can even made surveys for Charity of our choice. Great! To you, Dneero, whoever you are, i love you, man!!!!
To those of you who want to participate with the survey, just click the any dneero survey here in my site or to any blogsites with dneero surveys and you are on your way to Dneero's home. Goodluck! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Lynn said...

i definitely agree with u, cuz :)

JeFf & NoVa said...

hi hopping here.. and checking again.. TC

i tried that but i stopped it when i'm filing up the infos.. hehehehe.. i guess i can't manage having those into my online transactions... jud!!!

happy sunday...