Thursday, May 22, 2008

Uncle's Trophy Room

You know how people value things in life? Each person has different likes and dislikes. My husband's uncle loves to collect stuffed animals. These stuffed animals here consisted of falcon, deer antlers and heads. I don't have an idea where he got these!

It is quite impressive really considering the great quality of his collection. I can not help but really be amazed by the uniqueness of those. Hats-off to you Uncle Steve!


Lou said...

Oi, ayaw ng mga animal lovers nito, heheh.


r1ooooo said...

Sure..just let me know if u already put my link. Have a great weekend.

Ely said...

May ganitong collection din lolo ko, but not on display. Hmmm, hanapin ko nga. Baka meron pa.