Friday, May 2, 2008

Smart Device to Healthy Living

It looks like a calculator? It does and the right term is calorie calculator . When i look at this handheld device, a food calorie counter that is really very handy , i am thrilled. We all know how nutrition plays a vital role in our lives. But do we have an idea how much nutrition each food we take? Or how much good contents and bad contents it contains? In this busy lifestyle that we have now, sometimes it is very impractical to carry a book everywhere and look at how much each calorie contains. Good thing i found out about this smart and very practical way to keep track of what one eats. A calorie counter that provides nutrition information for 35,000 foods including popular resturant menus. Now, isn't that awesome? After-all, keeping track of what we eat and the awareness of nutrition contents are effective ways to lose weight and to maintain good weight. So, come on guys, check this smart gadget now!

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