Thursday, May 22, 2008

UK Holiday : Right Hotel To Be

United Kingdom is always a favorite travel destination to many people. My husband and me had toured all around London before and that was one of our finest travels indeed. The only thing that we made a mistake was paying exorbitant prices for our hotel rooms. I just can not believe how we pay a lot. The reason was my husband booked us directly at the hotel's website. We did not knew then that by searching other alternatives online, we should have saved a lot of money. But that was past and we did enjoy going to many places. We stayed at Marriot Hotel at Grovernor's Square. A nice hotel and very near to many embassies of the world, which was what we really need at that time, as we needed to go to Canadian Embassy. We had discovered many things around the city of London---we rode on the London Eye and saw the fascinating, panoramic view of the city; saw the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and never miss to take a photo of the Big Ben. During that time, 2003, I-Max Theatres were still knew and we did watched an Imax show,too. We went to Piccadilly also. I never missed the St. Paul's Cathedral where Prince Charles and Princess Diana had been wed. We walked through the stairs consisted of 529 steps and wow, what a breathtaking view at the very top of the dome!!!!

We will definitely go back to England and actually our planned holiday will be in the famous place of William Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon plus visit our friends in Bath. It is very good to know about this site online that offers good prices on last minute hotel rooms. We are very spontaneous travelers and we can just decide right away where we wanna go in the last minutes also. The hotel pride themselves in finding last minute deals, even up to the day of departure & customers can save up to 70% OFF hotel room rates!
I am so delighted to find out about the good deals and packages that they offer. Check this out guys and let us visit UK!

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