Monday, May 26, 2008

How Much Trump Gives for Tip?

Cost of Meal: $82.27
Tip: $ 10,000

Wow, lucky waiter/waitress who served him!!!! He is soooo generous! Probably, the service was sooo fantastic! Good for the one who served! Such a lucky day! I wonder if anyone on earth would give such a big tip? I wonder if this message forwarded by my friend is real? Uhmmm, does it matter? He is super rich and he can afford everything. And in our our culture, tipping is a status symbol!


JeFf & NoVa said...

WOW.... i have seen his full life story sa movie niya... as in super rich jud siya nga maka-afford siya tanan...

siguro nakita niya potential sa usa ka waiter nga maningkamutay diba maluoy man ka? mao tingaling iyahang gihatag og pang invest na pang start sa business...

thats pretty much jud ba.. ug ako pa intawon to, diri sa pinas kay mudagan naman na ug 430,000 pastang dakua uy.. invest jud dayon ko.. hehehehehe

musta na te portia?

Lou said...

Hi Portia, tipping here in America is more of a practice. The tip is normally 15%-20% (or more if you feel generous like DT) of your bill. The biggest tip I gave was $20 for a $70 bill..nothing compared to what DT gave to the server.

Best regards,

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Damn, that waiter can try to put up a small restaurant of his own with that money here in the Philippines.

Trump can literally splurge all he wants. He's one effing rich guy.

Vhiel said...

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Ely said...

a $10,000tip from Donald Trump? I don't think it's real. hehe.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi there..

Hopped here from a blog I just visited.

Unfortunately, that's not for real. I watched Donald Trump deny it in more than 1 TV show. He said he's not a fool to do that...and I couldn't agree more.