Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Simple Things To Connect Today

1. Smile at someone in the elevator.

2. Invite a co-worker to lunch.

3. Call your mother, or someone in your life who nurtures you.

4. Give someone a compliment - and mean it.

5. Make small talk with the person who sells you your morning coffee or your snack at work.

6. Make a funny face in an unexpected place (like in line at the supermarket) until someone laughs.

7. Talk to your family during dinner, without any outside distractions.

8. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a year.

9. Give someone in your life a gift, for no special reason other than that you think they might like it.

10. Tell people that you appreciate what they do for you.

Human beings are our companions and our community. Life is only the big party it was meant to be if there are other people there, dancing, singing, chatting, and making waves right there alongside of you. Draw more people into your life, and the party will just be better...and more interesting, varied, lively, and fun.

Allow yourself to connect with kindness, compassion, empathy, and good humor. Life is a celebration. Come on, let us celebrate!

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Lynn said...

This is nice cuz and just right. (",)

Said hi to our bf here as well.