Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quality Professional Translation Online is Here!

The global economy now is becoming one global village because of the internet. You can just do many things in just an instant. The fact is : in our world, different people speaks different languages. Imagine if you have business transactions, agreements or business contracts to be done but the forms are written in Portuguese or French or Spanish or Italian or Chinese? Well, it might be a setback before, plus it is frustrating to find quality, efficient, simple and reliable translator. But not now. We have Translator's Corner that made professional translation simple and safe.
Translator's Corner is the new online Marketplace for Translators and Clients to meet and do business together. All that needs to be worried about is finding the ideal translator, or doing the translation. The safety of both parties' money and the quality of the translations are well-guaranteed. It gives translators security, by making sure their money is available before they begin working, and it allows clients to get a professional translation job going in 5 minutes.All a client has to do is search for a translator, chat with them instantly, get an instant quote for their job, and pay for it.
Translator's Corner guarantees the following: 1.) Finding a Translator fast - Auto Price Comparison Tool asks 4 easy questions about translation to search their translators' profiles and finds the one you're looking for INSTANTLY! ; 2.) Get Instant Quotes - While searching for the right professional to do your translation, you get instant quotes. No more waiting for days to get bids on your translation job. ; 3.) Guaranteed Quality -The TC Online Court is available to make sure the translation gets done right, or you get your money back; 4.) Great prices - have a transparent global translation marketplace where translators compete for your business and you win. ; 5.) Easy to Use - The Auto Price Comparison Tool finds your translator with 6 questions, and SecureTrans helps you manage your translation job from start to finish; 6.) The Commitment - Find the right translator at the right price and get your translation done right the first time, in less than 10 minutes.
Hence, Translator's Corner is an innovative solution to the biggest problems of online professional translation.

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