Sunday, May 4, 2008


It is always my wish to be the most gracious host ever to my closest friends and relatives .hehehehe! If not now, maybe in the future if i will make my dream house...But i did try many times, didn't i? Hehehehe!

For the meantime, i've got these basic pointers for making guests cozy in our guests rooms, and extra touches to make their stay even more memorable.We know that coddling houseguests is one of the life's greatest pleasures. Being a good host is an art and creating a welcoming guest room is important and indicative of a host's thoughtfulness.

1. More important than furnishings, a guest room should be clean, clean , clean!

2. Dress the bed in newly laundered sheets and a thin blanket for those hot summer nights. Provide a thicker one, stored in the closet in case your guests might still want one. If possible, match the sheets to the color of the room.

3. If the room is not air-conditioned, provide a fan in case the weather heats up.

4. Guest bathrooms should be set up for forgetful guests. Stock a decorative basket or container with basics such as towels, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor and shaving creams. This is the time to bring out your unused airline toiletry kits!

5. Keep the closet empty and stocked with hangers. Open shelving is best including space to store suitcases, extra blankets and pillows.

6. Provide a mirror, a full-length one or at least one on the dresser.

7. On the bedside table, provide the following:
- A reading light in case thy read at night. If not a night-light would be helpful to guide them to the bathroom.
- Water carafe and glass plus bottled water.
- A crystal dish with potpourri or a seasonal flower in a small vase or floating in a small bowl.
- A box of tissue paper in a pretty holder.
- An ashtray, even if they don't smoke, as they make good receptacles for jewelry or pocket contents.
- An alarm clock.
- A flashlight in case of power failure.

8. Other extras to make your guest extra special:
- Fruit in a bowl for when your guest might want a snack in the middle of the night. ( i tried putting chocolates and they appreciated it so much!!!!).
- A telephone.
- A notepad or stationary with a pen for correspondence.
- A CD Player or TV.
- I love the idea of special towel with the name of the guest engraved on it!

9. If your guests are traveling with children, look into providing extra beds or even a crib. Supply small toys or games to keep the children entertained.

10. Last but not the least, DON'T EVER MAKE YOUR GUESTS SEE YOU STRUGGLE. The best hosts work hard at making guests think it's easy to take care of them!



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coolingstar9 said...

It is really important to make the guests feel comfortable in guest room.
with your determination, I believe the guests will be feel happy in the guest room.
have a nice day.

TrEZa said...

makes me wanna stay in ur place. haha!

Anonymous said...

hi Portia, na linked na kita...thanks! florence

Jona said...

great post! have a great day! :D

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perfect guest room:-)

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Lynn said...

hmmm...can i be your guest then, cuz? for sure, my stay would be truly memorable with u as the host.

missed chatting with u, cuz. hope to catch u online soon. mwah!

JeFf & NoVa said...

hello portia sis... hmmmmmmmm puede na jud ka mag interior designer ba... naa koy kwarto sa balay sis sos totally messy, u might want to give a hand on that... *wink*

i love the song that i put sa akong site uy..hehehehe.. as in di jud nko siya matanggal sa akong huna-huna dear...

akong gi adlid-an ug freaking comments para murag weirdo... thank you nga nalingaw ka nko... that way di ra pud kaayo seryoso atong kinabuhi...

happy monday blogging

Miah Laborte said...

Maganahan man sab ta muad2 sa inyo hehehe...